The first in the world international festival of noisecore, noisegrind and no school grind Optimalinija.

Optimalinija is the name of the most sickening Lithuanian beer, that poets, thieves and alimony payers drink. Worse than ever. Not only in Lithuania.

Optimalinija #1 took place in 2011 in Moscow – the most noisecoreless city of Russia. Three years later we decided to continue the fest and made Optimalinija #2 in the abandoned depot of Kurskiy station, in the very center of the capital of our totalitarian state. Italian band Bestial Vomit took part in the 2nd fest and this gave it international status, and the happening defined the future concept of the event: we are really interested in pushing the limits (of possible and impossible things), destruction of sovereignties (all of them – from states to our own personalities), invasion and occupation (of accommodations, spaces, somebody’s thoughts and maybe hearts). One-second blasts of noise here and now is just an excuse and the shittier is noise, the more interesting it is to make it.

Conceptual demand: nobody plays more than 15 minutes, a real drummer or a robot must be in a band. In the very beginning we wanted to make the fest in different cities and countries, but our efforts to make Optimalinija in Kiev (Ukraine) and Vilnius (Lithuania) ended with nothing. Then we thought over the experience and realized that our main problem was that these cities are too close to Moscow. We decided to bring Optimalinija-3 to other continent and it worked out. Optimalinija #3 will take place in Malaysia (Kuala-Lumpur) and Indonesia (Malang) 21-st and 22-nd February 2015, and Optimalinija-4 – in Brazil (cities tba) in the end of the year.

After ten Optimalinijas we’ll make a movie, narrating how it all happened in different parts of the Earth.